Trading Guide

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  • Advantages of the Forex Market
    General market introduction
  • Elementary concepts of the Forex Market
    The basic Forex terminology and concepts are presented in a concise chapter about the Forex market.
  • Orders in the Forex Market
    This chapter reviews the orders that a trader can make on the market.
  • A winning tactic for the beginner trade
    As a new trader, what tips will help you succeed in the Forex market?
  • Beginners trader strategies
    Forex strategies are simplified to explain the winning tactics that will help traders as they trade in the Forex market.
  • The Forex Glossary
    Learn the terminology that you may see in the Forex market

Start learning about foreign exchange today with this complete Pro Trader’s guide to the Forex market. Read the strategies, practice with exercise questions and learn how to trade like a pro.