Withdrawal Process

To withdraw, click on the ‘withdrawal’ tab at the top of the page after login, then click on ‘withdrawal request’. Fill in the details in full, providing all the personal and bank details that are asked for. Click on confirm, and then print the form. Sign it with a pen, and forward to , so we can process your request.

Please fill in the entire form using numbers and letters only. Do not use symbols, or currency signs. Just use ‘whole numbers’ only, with no symbols.

In case your bank does not actually use a swift/IBAN code system, you can fill in this field by duplicating the branch number again (only if your bank does not actually have a swift code, but most banks do). We recommend that you ask your bank for these details.

Please note that withdrawals can only be issued if your documents are approved. Withdrawals cannot be issued if there are still outstanding documents that you have not previously sent to us.

Your withdrawal is processed via the same method that the deposit was made. If you deposit via credit card, the amount that was initially deposited will be returned to that credit card. All other earnings will be returned via bank transfer. If a deposit is made via bank transfer, all earned withdrawals will be sent via bank transfer.

Due to Anti-Money Laundering regulations, all withdrawals must be processed through credit cards and bank accounts that have accounts with the same legal name as your trading account.

How do I make a withdrawal using a credit card?
When making a withdrawal via credit card, you need to make sure of the following:

  • The credit card you are using for the withdrawal is the same credit card you have made the deposit with.
  • The amount you are withdrawing is the exact same amount or less as your deposit amount. Any excess amounts, that is profits must be withdrawn via bank transfer.
  • You have submitted all the required documents, including additional documents that may be required, and these documents have been approved.

How do I make a withdrawal via bank transfer?
In order to make a withdrawal via bank transfer, simply log into your trading account and click on the Withdrawal Request tab located at the top tool bar on your platform and follow the prompts. After you have filled in the requested details, you must sign it and send it back to us as instructed in the pop up window. To check the status of your withdrawal click on the ‘withdrawal’ tab at the top of the page, then click on ‘withdrawal status’.

The operators are available 24 hours a day during trading sessions, if you have any trouble with your withdrawal status.

Why was my pending withdrawal rejected?
There could be many reasons why your withdrawal form was rejected:

  • It may be because your documents are not approved yet, and we are still waiting on outstanding documents. So, please make sure that you have sent us all the documents needed to process your withdrawal. A list of these documents can be found on the Verification page.
  • It could be because the form you sent us is not signed. Please sign the form with a pen, as virtual signatures cannot be accepted.
  • It could be because you have not sent us a full form or original form. Please be sure to send us a full form, and not just parts of it. We need the original form completed in full showing our company logo.
  • It could be because you have sent us an old form, with an old date on it. Make sure that the date on your withdrawal form is the same date as when you make the request.

Please make sure the details you put on the form are all correct as we cannot be held accountable for your mistakes.

You can contact our operators 24 hours a day, 5.5 days a week to check the status of your account verification.